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The story of your business in the form of a present? Organisation

Your organisation expressed (materialized in a piece of art) If, in your business, the interest centres around people and the environment and you would like to reflect this interest when communicating with your business contacts, perhaps a present would be the right way to communicate your view. As a visual artist I would be able to help give shape to this view, which would then become a suitable promotional gift for your business contacts.
What can I offer you:

      • Choose from the works of art I have available
        On an ongoing basis I produce new work which you may view in my workshop. And my work regularly features in exhibitions. Without any obligation you are most cordially invited.
      • A personal approach
        Would you like your present to reflect your view in a more personal way, then perhaps you could join forces with me and create your own designs. Based on a collection of model designs you would then choose from among several works of art.
      • An interactive approach: A workshop connecting business, human kind and nature
        I conduct workshops which connect your business views with human kind and nature. In these workshops I apply creative means to allow people to make a deeper connection with the materials nature offers combined with clay. Participants experience not only being physically, mentally and instinctively connected to matter but also that behind everything there is unity in energy. As a matter of course every workshop is finetuned to the specific wishes of your business and the participants.

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