A last farewell in a personal way

The last farewell of a deceased loved one is a very personal matter. The way the farewell is given shape reflects this. Many people, when paying their last respects to a loved one, wish to show their relatedness by speaking of the person’s life, but it may also take the shape of an urn or a grave memorial. Relatedness can also be expressed by way of a shape of an urn or grave memorial. As an artist I am experienced in this matter and can offer you help in a variety of ways. There are a number of options, choose what meets your wishes best:

  • You may choose from a number of urns designed by me Exhibits available in my workshop may be suitable as urns or memorials
  • Pieces of art available in my studio
  • In consultation with you I can design an urn or a memorial, for instance in the shape of a symbol or object that relates you to the deceased
  • Or I can help you make an urn or memorial yourself together with me
  • And I can help you visualize your memories of the deceased in a sculpture

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